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Kid Menus

Tired of your kids constantly asking what to eat?  Around here, we have the standard kid fare for breakfast and lunch (plus Mac & Cheese as a breakfast option, because hey, if they eat it). I made these printables that I laminated and put on the fridge.  When they ask what's for breakfast, I just tell them to look.

Here is the PDF or you can get the editable one in Google Docs.  Open and go to File->Make a Copy: 


Places to get Quality Used Baby Items From

I am a big fan of buying used items for my baby.  There are very few items that people recommend you get new (breastpump, car seat, mattress, etc) which leaves a TON of things to pick up secondhand (furniture, toys, clothes, swing, etc). 

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Make an infant/toddler barrier out of plastic crates

Since my daughter is crawling and pulling herself up, I needed something that was tall enough that she couldn't vault over it, sturdy enough she couldn't pull it over, and weighty enough that she couldn't bulldoz it.  For less than $30, this is what I came up with:

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Book Mockups
Get the cartoon book that is the best baby shower gift ever!

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