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Best Minky Baby Blankets

If you need a meaningful baby shower gift, that is super easy, you need to check out The Sew Loved Shop.  They have customized baby blankets with rush delivery and gift options.  I tend to wait to till the last minute for gifts, but don't want to just send the Amazon box with the cheap gift bag.  I was the super hero by gifting my friend a super soft blanket with her baby's name embroidered on it, all wrapped in tissue paper and a box.  They even had a Create a Blanket where I picked the colors that matched their nursery.

Game-changer Activity Toys

Between a baby shower, gifts from friends and family, and the things you bought for your little one, you will accumilate A LOT of toys.  However, most of them will have little impact on your child.  These are items that seemed to have a direct cause and effect with helping my baby girl's developmental growth, organized by milestone.

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Book Mockups
Get the cartoon book that is the best baby shower gift ever!

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