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Baby Developer Blog - Baby Developer https://babydeveloper.com/baby-developer-blog Mon, 27 Mar 2023 11:49:05 -0500 en-gb mallarym@yahoo.com (Baby Developer) Best Minky Baby Blankets https://babydeveloper.com/products/179-best-minky-baby-blankets https://babydeveloper.com/products/179-best-minky-baby-blankets

If you need a meaningful baby shower gift, that is super easy, you need to check out The Sew Loved Shop.  They have customized baby blankets with rush delivery and gift options.  I tend to wait to till the last minute for gifts, but don't want to just send the Amazon box with the cheap gift bag.  I was the super hero by gifting my friend a super soft blanket with her baby's name embroidered on it, all wrapped in tissue paper and a box.  They even had a Create a Blanket where I picked the colors that matched their nursery.

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Kid Menus https://babydeveloper.com/parenting-hacks/178-kid-menus https://babydeveloper.com/parenting-hacks/178-kid-menus

Tired of your kids constantly asking what to eat?  Around here, we have the standard kid fare for breakfast and lunch (plus Mac & Cheese as a breakfast option, because hey, if they eat it). I made these printables that I laminated and put on the fridge.  When they ask what's for breakfast, I just tell them to look.

Here is the PDF or you can get the editable one in Google Docs.  Open and go to File->Make a Copy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EgOumUDQUb_52Bs_tNp-DGAUGtqctfwV8Dm5hZC2jJ4/edit?usp=sharing 


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Drunken Sweet Potatoes https://babydeveloper.com/cooking/177-drunken-sweet-potatoes https://babydeveloper.com/cooking/177-drunken-sweet-potatoes

Tangy twist on the traditional holiday sweet potato casserole.  Growing up in Florida, we like our holiday dishes tangy. 

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Easy Mac Parent Hacks https://babydeveloper.com/parenting-hacks/176-easy-mac-parent-hacks https://babydeveloper.com/parenting-hacks/176-easy-mac-parent-hacks

If you make Easy Mac twice a day for years, you learn how to optimize your mac.

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Apple Watch https://babydeveloper.com/baby-developer-blog/165-apple-watch https://babydeveloper.com/baby-developer-blog/165-apple-watch


Always on you versus it going off when I am in other room changing diaper. I have burned dinner several times because of this. Also can set short timers like when wanting to let kid cry for 10 minutes before checking on them.


Screen calls:

Can glance at watch when busy with kids to see if it is important


Ping iPhone:

constantly losing my phone, this helps you locate

Toddler can't grab phone: whenever my daughter sees my phone, see goes after it. Now I can keep it on the bookshelf


Start music:

I have toddler songs on phone and can start them playing from across the room. Use this for Clean up song


Reminders/To Do List/Shopping List:

I use the AnyList app and can add items on watch with Siri. Nice for when I realize I am almost out of laundry detergent and can add from my wrist right there

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Freezer meals so you aren't eating chicken nuggets every night https://babydeveloper.com/cooking/169-freezer-meals https://babydeveloper.com/cooking/169-freezer-meals

Below are the recipes that I use most often and some tips/tricks I have learned along the way

Crockpot (prep in bag, then freeze)

- Crockpot liner bags are your friend.  You can mix everything together, put a twisty-tie on it, and throw in freezer.

- Use a Sharpie to label what it is.  Trust me, after a month in the freezer, it all starts to look the same.

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Cheap and Easy Shredded Chicken https://babydeveloper.com/cooking/170-cheap-and-easy-shredded-chicken https://babydeveloper.com/cooking/170-cheap-and-easy-shredded-chicken

One of the easiest ways to save money in your budget is to use shredded chicken from bone-in chicken.  It's a lot cheaper and if you do it in the crockpot, it has more of a rotisserie taste to it than boiling chicken.

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Chicken Enchilada Casserole https://babydeveloper.com/cooking/171-chicken-enchilada-casserole https://babydeveloper.com/cooking/171-chicken-enchilada-casserole

This is a recipe I got from my mother-in-law that I modified.  To make it quicker and easier, I just layer tortillas instead of rolling them.  If you get a 9x13 rectangular foil pan, using 1 large tortilla normal and tearing another one, it fits well.  So tortilla, filling, tortilla, filling, etc. 

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Baby Monitor Loses Signal Constantly https://babydeveloper.com/technie-parent/168-baby-monitor-loses-signal-constantly https://babydeveloper.com/technie-parent/168-baby-monitor-loses-signal-constantly

We initally loved our Levana Jena Baby Monitor.  That is, until it turned against us.

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