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Thanks a Latte for Grandparents

No one tells you that become a parent; no one actually comes to see you any more.  People fly halfway across the country to visit your little one and only after the first round of selfies with baby does anyone look up and notice you're there.

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Places to get Quality Used Baby Items From

I am a big fan of buying used items for my baby.  There are very few items that people recommend you get new (breastpump, car seat, mattress, etc) which leaves a TON of things to pick up secondhand (furniture, toys, clothes, swing, etc). 

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Simple Homemade Bagels

Since it is hard to justify packing up the kiddo, driving across town, and paying $3 for one bagel, I decided "it can't be that hard to make bagels." And you know what?  It isn't.

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Book Mockups
Get the cartoon book that is the best baby shower gift ever!

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