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Make an infant/toddler barrier out of plastic crates

Wide Baby GateWhen my daughter started crawling, I knew I needed to corral her.  The problem was, that the areas I need to keep her in were the family room and dining room, instead of a nice little bedroom I could put a baby gate on.  When I went through Amazon, even the "wide" baby gates were of no help.  There were various playpen type enclosures, but they were 1.) EXPENSIVE and 2.) looked like my daughter would pull them down on her pretty little head within 5 minutes.  

Since my daughter is crawling and pulling herself up, I needed something that was tall enough that she couldn't vault over it, sturdy enough she couldn't pull it over, and weighty enough that she couldn't bulldoz it.  For less than $30, this is what I came up with:


{div float:left}{module Affiliate - Crates|division|showtitle=0}{/div}Items Needed

- Several plastic crates (better if all same dimensions).  I got a set of six from Amazon for $24 (link to the left)

- Children's snap links (or D-rings): $5 on Amazon

- Weights (or something else heavy like a thick book)




IMG 6747Steps

- Line up crates to fit the space you need

- Snap two links on each site to make them a continuous line

- Add a weight to the center so they can't move (it's not like I am using those free weights these days anyway...)






Finished Project

Infant Configuration:

Toddler Barrier Using Plastic Crates


Toddler Configuration:

crate toddler

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